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Why You Need VMWare for Running Xcode on Windows?

Apple's Xcode is an excellent IDE (integrated development environment) to manage your entire development project - from coding your app, to testing, debugging, and submitting it to the App Store. Xcode only works on Mac. There ISN'T an Xcode for Windows version. This website will show you the best solution to develop software for Mac and iOS on your Windows machine.

Xcode includes a complete set of tools for developing applications for Apple's Mac and iOS. Theoretically, there won't be a better equivalent Xcode for Windows. Although there does exist app development software like Xamarin providing a platform for making and testing apps of Mac, iOS, Android and Windows, it's still different from native Mac and iOS apps development on Apple's own operating system.

The solution provided on this website is mainly for learning and testing purpose. If you care about your app seriously, you need to use Xcode on real Apple hardware or Apple device which will give you the most trustable user prospective errors and problem.

So, you agree that Xcode is the best only if it's on Mac? Then the next question is how can we boost a Mac on Windows so you can run Xcode. Actually, it's not a problem at all with the best virtualization software VMWare Workstation. It allows you to setup a virtual Mac in easy steps.

Now we'll show you how to install VMWare and then Xcode on Windows before you start an app project.

Mac on Windows for Xcode

Part 1: Install VMWare Workstation for Windows

Running a virtual computer isn't difficult, but it's a resource-consuming activity. You need a powerful enough computer to run the virtual Mac successfully. It's better to have a PC with similar hardware to Mac, MacBook, or Mac Pro.

You'll also need an installation file of Mac OS X. You can download one from Apple Store (See how) or, if you already own an iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro, the installation disc you received with your computer will also work.

Now let's go.

  • Download and install VMWare Workstation (Just click Next, view YouTube Tutorial).
  • Installing a Mac virtual machine is a bit complicated. The "VMWare Unlocker" is required because Mac OS X is required to use together with Apple's only hardware.. Please see the detailed tutorial here to unlock Mac and install to your PC. There is also a YouTube video showing you how.

Part 2: Install Xcode on Mac for Windows

Now suppose you've installed a Mac on your Windows computer. Launch VMWare Workstation and then boost into Mac. We'll show you how to install Xcode for Windows.

Installing Xcode for PC


  • Launch the App Store application from the Mac's dock and type XCode into the search bar. You might need to enter your account details. If you don't have one, register it.
  • Locate the XCode app and click the Install Now button to start downloading it.
  • Once the download is finished, go to the Applications folder and click Xcode to launch the installer. Depending on your Internet connection speed, it'll take several minutes to hours to get Xcode for Windows.
  • When the installation is finished, you'll be able to use Xcode on Windows within your virtual machine. Now it's easy to developing apps for Mac OS or iOS.

Running Xcode for Windows


Download VMWare Workstation and follow the above instruction to install Xcode on your Windows.
Start developing apps for Mac on your PC today.

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System Requirements of VMWare Workstation - Best Xcode for Windows Solution:
    –   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    –  A Dual Core Intel processor
    –  At least 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)
    –  Hardware Virtualization

More about VMWare

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